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About StrainBrain

Herbert Einstrain

Herbert Einstrain
PhD, Strainography

Strain Brain combines the latest recognition technology with artificial intelligence to bring you a whole new level of marijuana exploration. That's right, you heard correctly, we took facial recgonition software and applied it to the medical marijuana industry for the very first time! Thanks to our friends over at PotLocator.com, Herbert Einstrain has access to over ten thousand marijuana strains, all entered from over 3000 cannabusinesses across the united states. With this large of a database, we are able to match up your strain photo, with a large database of several other marijuaan strains and quickly identify what it is that your smoking on!

But we need your help! Strain Brain uses artifical intelligence, meaning it learns through interaction like we do. The more images you upload and strain reviews you leave the more advanced the brain will become.

It's easy, free and a lot of fun. Use the search box to start finding strains, or tap into the real power of Strain Brain with the Bud Recogizer.

How the Bud Recognizer Works

Step 1: Upload a photo of your medical marijuana strain. Wait and sit back while Herbert Einstrain matches up your strain against 5000 other marijuana strains entered into the strain brain database.

Step 2: Our top secret space age strain recognition technology will quickly identify the exact strain of marijuana you're smoking (cool right?).

Step 3: See detailed information about your cannabis strain, add a review and photos and share feedback with other users and friends.

Step 4: Our friends at PotLocator.com will automatically tell you which marijuana dispensaries in your area have the exact strain that you're smoking (double cool).

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