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Bubba Haze Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

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Bubba Haze Reviews

By , Overall Rating 5

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Balanced
Effect Strengh: 5/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: none selected
Treatment Rating: None Chosen
Positive Effect:
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 5
Crystals: 5
Color: No Color Chosen
Flavor/Scent:No flavor Chosen
I've had all sorts of indicas and sativas and hybrids, but very few i enjoy as much as this one. Bubba haze is a sort of superstrain; Bubba kush and super silver haze had a baby and it was dank as fuck. This one is sure to cure whatever medical ailments you've got, but beware. This is one of the few strains i've ever tried that you can get TOO high on. I've been higher on Bubba Haze then my very first time--it even compares to hash oil or edibles in potency. The number one use for bubba haze would probably be pain relief. The body high is almost overwhelming. One of the greatest parts of mixing a strong body indica like Bubba Kush with a powerful head high like Super Silver Haze is the awesome synesthesia between the 2. Bubba haze will put your mind in a daze and relax your body with powerful tingly sensations in such a way that you will no longer be able to tell where you mind ends and your body begins. Imagine how awesome it feels to stretch after you've been sore. Bubba kush will make this feel close to an orgasm. A lot of times i like to describe weeds by color because its easy to associate feelings with colors rather than actually describe them. Weed also seems to "tint" my world so i notice certain colors more. Bubba haze is a shimmering yellow, blissful and relaxed. The whole world will glisten like the morning sun, even in the evening. Depending on how much you smoke, this can be a very relaxing high or a powerful spiritual high thats very psychedelic. It seems that the more you smoke, the higher the synesthesia and the more you get captivated by the sensations. Insomniacs beware: This will definitely put you to sleep, but keep 4 alarms. This saturday i stayed up till 3am smoking Bubba Haze and then slept for 15 hours straight. When i woke up, i was still high. Its one of those strains that still lingers in your body long after the full high has worn off, which is great for anyone who uses cannabis for stress or anxiety. Bubba kush is probably the last kush i would use for hunger problems, in fact i'm starting to wonder if it hasn't DECREASED my appetite, which is odd for cannabis in general.

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