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Cherry Kush Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

Cherry Kush Plant:
Cherry Kush is a hybrid medical marijuana strain that is primarily Indica-dominant and is comprised of the cross genetics between Purple Afghani and patient favorite, O.G. Kush. In many cases, Cherry Kush presents to patients buds that are of a very interesting color scheme, boasting buds that have almost a red or purple tiny. The Purple Afghani influence can definitely been recognized in the overall coloration of this strain, while Cherry Kush maintains structural properties that strongly resemble O.G.Kush. When cultivated properly, this strain is capable of maintaining an exceptional structure and a smoke that is capable of flooring you.

Cherry Kush Effects:
Unlike many other hybrid strains, Cherry Kush manages to maintain properties from both of its parent strains. The type of buzz that is typically associated with this strain can be recognized as a hybrid buzz throughout. Cherry Kush presents patients with an initial Sativa-based high that eventually prolongs into an even-handed Indica-based relaxation. After exhale, a patient begins to experience "headband' type feelings, ocular pressure and a buzzing throughout your body. Cherry Kush can be described as somewhat of a cerebral type of strain, but it can turn into a base for relaxation if under the proper conditions.

Cherry Kush Uses:
It has been reported that this particular medical marijuana strain is great for alleviating those who suffer from glaucoma, mood disorder, digestive issues, appetite loss and problems maintaining a sense of mental clarity. This strain is a perfect example of a hybrid that is capable of alleviating multiple conditions because of its exceptional medicinal benefits.

Cherry Kush Cons:
The only reported downside of this medical marijuana strain would be that it is not meant for those who have to focus very heavily on their work. It is relatively functional of a buzz, but it does not provide patients with a very clear-headed feeling that many hybrids possess. The comedown is a little tiresome when it comes to Cherry Kush, and if you are too comfortable you may fall into couchlock. Despite these minor cons, the only reported side effects of Cherry Kush would be dry eyes and extremely dry mouth.

Overall, this strain can provide patients with a roller-coaster of an experience. There are times where your high can be an upper and then there are times where your high can be a downer. Cherry Kush has an appeal that is unlike many others, and it can be deemed extraordinarily attractive. The level of clarity that you receive from this strain can be noted as enlightening, but it should be known that this is not a strain for those who have to functionally maintain work on it. With a high that can last longer than two hours, I would say that this strain has medicinal properties that are unparalleled.

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Cherry Kush Reviews

By , Overall Rating 9

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Balanced
Effect Strengh: 9/10
Effect Duration: 3 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: Anxiety Disorders
Treatment Rating: 5/10
Positive Effect: Arousal
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 6
Crystals: 9
Color: Green
I got this stuff from Nature's Love Collective, after researching the strain a bit. The strain is very strong as I found out last night. It took me by surprise as I had not been that high for months or maybe even years. I have to say I'd been drinking some beers and that added to the euphoria. Once I ate some dinner it was great though. It made the sunset that much brighter, and everything felt light and airy. I do not recommend this strain to novices. THC levels can easily be in the low 20s. Glad I picked it up and tried it!
By , Overall Rating 9

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Bit Sedative
Effect Strengh: 6/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: Anxiety Disorders
Treatment Rating: 9/10
Positive Effect: Euphoria
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 9
Crystals: 8
Color: Red
You will not be disappointed in this stuff. the red hair makes it look pretty, taste amazing, and the way you feel after the world could be crumbling around you but you just feel warm, fuzzy, rainbows and unicorns. On the real note i suffer serve social anxiety, and just in general anxiety(its hard for me to even move out of bed in the morning) this stuff helps me get up get moving, get motivated and helps me stay at ease while speaking to strangers and communicating with family(something i fear so much i normally turn off my phone) If you are just looking to get high, this is a good one. if you are like me and you just would like a normal life... this is a fantastic one. keep a bottle of water and a pack of gum handy the dry mouth is a killer.

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