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Exodus Cheese Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

Exodus Cheese Plant:
Exodus Cheese is a Sativa-dominant medical marijuana strain that is the offspring of the cross genetics of U.K. Cheese x Skunk. This particular strain grows very well in ideal environments such as an outdoor grow house, indoor grow house or a greenhouse. Originally known as a clone-only strain, Exodus Cheese was made available in seed form from the breeder Greenhouse Seeds. The buds associated with Exodus Cheese are very similar to other Cheese variety strains and possesses enormous buds that absolutely reek with a musky, cheese-like smell.

Exodus Cheese Effects:
This is one of those medical marijuana strains that as soon as you take a hit of it, you'll know exactly why Exodus Cheese is part of the Cheese family variety of cannabis. With a taste that is similar to dank or sharp cheddar cheese with some of the most natural, earthy and pine-like undertones, Exodus cheese provides patients with a damp aftertaste and a high that shows Indica dominance. Despite the fact that Exodus Cheese is a 60 % Sativa and a 40% Indica, the sedating stoned feeling is what truly takes patients over.

Exodus Cheese Uses:
Patients who have used Exodus Cheese as an alternative form of medicine have typically suffered from chronic and debilitating conditions such as severe insomnia or loss of sleep, pain relief, chronic depression, inflammation, anorexia, vomiting, injury rehabilitation and severe or chronic stress. Please note that although Exodus Cheese has provided relief for the aforementioned conditions, that does not mean the list of treatments effectively relieved is limited to the above listed.

Exodus Cheese Cons:
The only reported downsides of this particular strain have been patients experiencing slight bouts of dry eyes and dry mouth. These are two of the most commonly reported side effects when using cannabis as an alternative form of medicine.

Overall, Exodus Cheese is a medical marijuana strain that provides an excellent, deliciously cheesy, mossy and earthy flavor that will cradle you gently to sleep as if you were a newborn baby. The medicinal benefits as well will relieve many pain and discomfort needs, an essential for most medical marijuana patients. If I was you, I would go grab some Exodus Cheese right now and realize how great of a decision it was. Please note, this strain may be primarily Sativa but the high associated with it is VERY Indica.

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Exodus Cheese Reviews

By , Overall Rating 5

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Sedative
Effect Strengh: 5/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: Migraine Headaches
Treatment Rating: 1/10
Positive Effect: Euphoria
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 5
Crystals: 5
Color: No Color Chosen
Exodus Cheese is a hybrid strain that is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It has a moderate to heavy yield. I would not recommend this to beginners. Exodus has this musky, cheesy smell that'll stink up the place. The taste is pretty terrible. If you're going to use this, smoke only at night.

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