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Goo Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

Goo Plant:
Goo is an Indica-dominant hybrid medical marijuana strain that is the lovechild of Hindu Kush x Blueberry. Recognized as a plant that can thrive in either an indoor or outdoor environment, Goo has a typical flowering time of around seven to eight weeks and is an awesome gardening experience. It's ideal harvest time is somewhere in the middle of October and has been known to yield quantities of around 2.5 pounds-per-square-yard in a "sea of green" grow style. Goo has a smell that is reminiscent of a fruity and delightful blueberry aroma, while still maintaining the overall hash-like taste that is usually associated with hybrids.

Goo Effects:
This is the type of medical marijuana strain that will definitely get a patient's body feeling somewhat completely numb from head-to-toe. I would not say that it is strong in terms of cerebral-based effects, but it has been regarded as a plant that seems like the perfect marijuana strain to make some type of hash out of. This is largely given it's concentration of trichomes and overall sticky nature. Recognized as a great hybrid for those who enjoy Indica effects, Goo is not recognized as the strongest on the market.

Goo Uses:
Patients who have used Goo as their go-to choice of alternative medicine have typically suffered from chronic and debilitating conditions such as severe insomnia or lack of sleep, a diagnosed eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis and chronic or debilitating pain. Patients who have also suffered from complications of chemotherapy have said that this strain is great for relief. Please note that although these conditions have been effectively alleviated through the use of Goo, it does not mean that the list of treatable conditions is limited.

Goo Cons:
There have been no reported cons except for the fact that patients had wished the high from this strain would last a little longer.

Overall, Goo is a type of bud that will likely give patients with the highest of tolerances a decent case of the munchies, followed by an immense and slightly overwhelming feeling of couch-lock. This is a great nighttime medication, one that can be considered as ideal for treating chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, chemotherapy patients and many more conditions. For those fond of blunts, this bud goes extremely well with a wine-flavored Swisher Sweet, but we greatly enforce that patients vaporize due to its medicinal properties and cleanliness for your health. If given the opportunity to donate and obtain some Goo, definitely give this hybrid a chance.

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Goo Reviews

By , Overall Rating 8

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Balanced
Effect Strengh: 7/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: none selected
Treatment Rating: None Chosen
Positive Effect: Happiness
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 6
Crystals: 10
Color: Orange
Growing it for myself and it's some crazy good stuff

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