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Blue City Diesel Indica Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

Blue City Diesel Marijuana Plant: Blue City Diesel is a hybrid marijuana strain that is a cross between the lineage of the ever so popular Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. The mixture of these two signature and classy auto-strains provide a very strong Indica-based hybrid type of high that has a spicy yet fruity flavor. Each place of Blue City Diesel presents a decent amount of yield and an extremely potent knockout kind of high that makes this strain a must-try and a must-buy. Blue City Diesel Marijuana Effects: This particular strain offers a very heavy body high that makes it's user tingle all over as it then begins to creep up on them. You then begin to have a mental type of cerebral trip that begins to motivate you and become a little bit more focused on what it is occurring. I’d say it’s an uplifting smoke that alleviates the body pains and frees the mind to go about your day. Definitely a great strain and worth of a signature title. Blue City Diesel Marijuana Uses: Blue City Diesel is a strain that is absolutely great for packing a punch that hits hard, fash and is completely maintained during the buzz's hour to two hour period. It is great for alleviating the body in the arms, legs, neck, back and joints, and provides a total state of relaxation for it's user. Blue City Diesel Marijuana Cons: The only reported downside to this particular strain would have to be the most commonly reported side effects of dry eyes and dry mouth, however, each and every patient is different and may react differently to each strain as it is smoked. Conclusion: Overall, this is a great strain and is an even better cross between two powerful ones. You feel the effects of the ever so potent Blue Dream and you later on feel the effects of the classic Sour Diesel feeling. If you want a strain that has the best of both worlds and provides you with the classic high that you used to feel when you first started smoking, this strain is for you.

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    Blue City Diesel Indica Reviews

    By , Overall Rating 5

    General Ratings

    Effect Scale: Balanced
    Effect Strengh: 5/10
    Effect Duration: 2 hrs

    Effect Rating

    Treated Ailment: none selected
    Treatment Rating: None Chosen
    Positive Effect:
    Negative Effect: None Chosen

    Aesthetic Rating

    Hairs: 5
    Crystals: 5
    Color: No Color Chosen
    Flavor/Scent:No flavor Chosen
    Whoever wrote the description used the wrong genealogy: Blue City Diesel is "Blueberry x NYC sour diesel" - it has nothing in common with "blue dream" except blue in its name.

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