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DeadHead OG Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

Deadhead O.G. Plant:
Deadhead O.G. is a hybrid medical marijuana strain that is bred by the geniuses at The Cali Connection. This particular medical marijuana strain contains a sixty percent Sativa lineage and a forty percent Indica lineage. Cultivated through the cross genetics of Chemdawg and SFV O.G, Deadhead O.G. manages to grow to a medium height and typically finishes with a flowering period between sixty-five days and seventy-five days. It has been recognized that this strain typically produces a moderate to high yield depending upon its cultivation conditions.

Deadhead O.G. Effects:
This has been regarded as a truly amazing smoke by the patients that have used it most. It leaves you feeling extraordinarily happy and could easily have you wandering around in a stoned trance. This isn't a zombified feeling though, it’s the kind of high that makes you want to stand around and dance to the Grateful Dead. Patients have been described as feeling euphoric, uplifting and just downright elated when smoking this. You may or may not want to take a nap after medicating though, that's your call.

Deadhead O.G. Uses:
Deadhead O.G. is an exceptional medical marijuana strain for patients who are suffering from specified conditions such as severe insomnia, chronic or debilitating pain, anxiety, stress and in severe cases, chronic depression. This particular strain serves as a mood elevator and an overall amazing strain that can have patients’ immediately feeling differently about their day.

Deadhead O.G. Cons:
The only reported downsides of medicating with this particular medical marijuana strain would be that patients have experienced severe dry mouth and dry eyes. In severe cases they have reported feeling a slight sense of increased paranoia, anxiety and dizziness. Please note that each and every patient is different and may have a varying experience from the last.

Overall, Deadhead O.G. is an amazing medical marijuana strain that has a great flavor, a classic O.G. taste and an awesome potency level. This is the type of strain that does not leave patients with the feeling of a scratchy throat or an uncomfortable swallow. Smooth, earthy and dank, Deadhead O.G. is a strain that activates a patient's third eye and helps them focus on something for much longer than usual. This is a great strain for the above listed conditions and also great for producing a level of creativity you thought you didn't possess.

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DeadHead OG Reviews

By , Overall Rating 7

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Balanced
Effect Strengh: 5/10
Effect Duration: 3 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: HIV/AIDS
Treatment Rating: 5/10
Positive Effect: Sleepiness
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 6
Crystals: 7
Color: Green
Nice potent strain belonging to the legendary OG kush family out of LA. Excellent for all severe medical ailments. Do not recommend for the occasional toker! This is a must have strain if you come across it! But beware for imposters!
By , Overall Rating 5

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Balanced
Effect Strengh: 5/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: none selected
Treatment Rating: None Chosen
Positive Effect:
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 5
Crystals: 5
Color: No Color Chosen
Flavor/Scent:No flavor Chosen
Another favorite of mine. Really potent strain has that hammer! This strain is for that every day toker. Do not recommend for the first time smokers. This strain is a OG kush family member out of LA. Is excellent for all severe medical ailments! If u come across the Deadhead is a must to get.

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