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Alaskan Thunderfuck Marijuana Strain Reviews and Prices

Alaskan Thunder Marijuana Plant: Alaskan Thunder is a semi-strong Indica that will have any individual feeling its effects exactly after exhale. This particular strain can be also known as Matanuska Thunder because of its origins in being cultivated in Matanuska Valley, Alaska. The buds are both intriguing and unique, and boast some spectacular colors. There are shades of dark green and light green, with large and vibrant orange hairs that are covered in crystals all over. It has an extremely high potency that can be distinguished just when simply walking down the street. Alaskan Thunder Marijuana Effects: Immediately after the first exhale, individuals who use Alaskan Thunder will experience a body-sedated, yet highly cerebral high that can leave you in a state of sheer bliss and happiness for the time being. This is truly a social bud, as it's uplifting, euphoric yet relaxing effects make it great for sitting around and watching television or going out. Alaskan Thunder Marijuana Uses: This particular strain is great for the relieving of anxiety and depression, as well as being a notable savior in the department of stomach pain and excessive nausea. It is also a great appetite stimulant for those who are experience an increased or recurrent loss of appetite. Alaskan Thunder Marijuana Cons: Negatives of this strain would have to be both the smell and the taste. If you can deal with the smell and taste, then this bud will not be a problem. It shouldn't be a problem for anyone, but certain people enjoy tasting the exclusiveness of their freshly grown medicine. Impairment of motor skills is slightly increased, so operating heavy machinery and vehicles should not be permitted. Conclusion: Overall, this is a powerful strain that boasts an incredibly high THC content. Although the taste and the smell may not fit to certain standards, it is a premier strain that gives off an insane buzz. It looks beautiful, it smokes beautiful and the high is certainly a distinguished and unique one.

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Alaskan Thunderfuck Reviews

By , Overall Rating 3

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Extemely Sedative
Effect Strengh: 10/10
Effect Duration: 1 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: Hemophilia A
Treatment Rating: 5/10
Positive Effect: Sleepiness
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 7
Crystals: 8
Color: Green
Terrible. Seriously made me have dry mouth so bad i puked & slept the rest of the day/night. Not for lightweights , at all !
By , Overall Rating 8

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Active
Effect Strengh: 5/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: Anxiety Disorders
Treatment Rating: 7/10
Positive Effect: Euphoria
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 7
Crystals: 6
Color: Purple
Flavor/Scent:No flavor Chosen
Soon after I started, I just couldn't stop. I was on a high, and I just felt great. Alaskan Thunderfuck has the taste of chocolate, which I can't help but enjoy. I use this mainly to help alleviate my lower back issues. The only piece of criticism I have is the smell. I do recommend this to those with anorexia as I ate a lot of food afterwards.
By , Overall Rating 7

General Ratings

Effect Scale: Very Sedative
Effect Strengh: 7/10
Effect Duration: 2 hrs

Effect Rating

Treated Ailment: none selected
Treatment Rating: None Chosen
Positive Effect:
Negative Effect: None Chosen

Aesthetic Rating

Hairs: 3
Crystals: 8
Color: Green
very potent sativa, lots of chrystals and super firm-dense.

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